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The City of Love - Tim Tham

We visited Paris and London this summer. Today, we will explore Paris. To some people, this is the City of Love. This is my second time in Paris and you can never get enough how beautiful this city has to offer. Louvre Museum offers hundreds (maybe thousands) of artifacts, paints, statues, and many other historian pieces. There is even a lineup to see Mona Lisa. You can spend an entire day here and you will not be able to see all the items Louvre Museum has to offer. 

Next, we will head to an iconic figure Eiffel Tower. We visited this place during day time on our first trip to Paris. This time around, we decided to go during night time. I recommended going there around 7:30pm. You get to see the sunset and night lights. Not to mention, every hour on the hour, the entire Eiffel Tower lights up for about 10minutes. The city night views are amazing. Highly recommended.  

Montmartre, another high tourist attraction that I recommend. This place is just a short train ride from Paris. Once you reach the top of Montmartre, the day time views are breathtaking. There are many little shops and lots of restaurants for you to pick. You can even get your portrait drawn by many walking artists in the area. 

On the next blog, I will explore more what Paris has to offer. Until then, take a look at the photos from 3 attractions mentioned above. Have a great week!

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