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Osaka Castle & Museum - James Lam

Osaka Castle & Osaka Museum are tourists must go to attractions in Osaka, Japan. I opted for the combination pass which gave me access to both the Castle and also the Museum.

Osaka Museum is a well-done history museum that provides good context for the Osaka castle and the rest of Osaka. The museum walks the visitor through the history of this region. The museum exhibits start on the 10th floor in the year of about 700 AD when the city was an early capital of Japan. Subsequent years are covered up to the modern age. It was a fabulous introduction to understanding settlement patterns and cultural changes. Well worth the time!

The views from the escalator landings will give you a chance of some really good pictures of the castle and Osaka. Most exhibits are interactive and there are a few demonstrations in English that are well worth the visit.

The Osaka Castle Park is located right in the middle of the city. Can be accessed easily by JR Loop Line and Subway trains. The park is spread out over a large area. Lots of trees and greenery. Although the castle is not original and has been rebuilt often, it provides a good review of the complex history of the region. The interior has been made into a museum on each floor where, for example, the "summer war" is depicted in film, illustrations, artifacts, and models. There is lots of signage in English. A very interesting place.

I would suggest spending about 3 hours here at the Museum and 2 hours at the Castle. Literally you can spend the whole day here! I rate these two attractions 10 out of 10.

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