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Joffre Lakes Hike - James Lam

It is such a blessing to live in Vancouver, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. With my busy work schedule as a real estate agent, I found a hobby which fits perfectly with my work nature, Hiking. I am always on the lookout to find new places to hike in Vancouver. Most recently, I visited Joffre Lakes with my friends. Joffre Lakes is about an hour's drive away from Whistler, 35 km east of Pemberton and it features three glacier-fed lakes.

The scenery is straight out of the mythical land of Shangri-La, the aqua-coloured water, the view of the glaciers, whisky jack birds which lands on your hands... simply stunning.

The hike, in general, was considered moderate in my opinion, if you are looking for something a higher level than beginners, this is the perfect hike for you, great for amateurs. It took me 2.5 hours to finish all three lakes. The trail was very busy, full of tourists. Be sure to visit Joffre Lakes on the weekdays as weekends could be packed!

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