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Dining @ Statera, Lima - Jenny Ho

My family and I celebrated my birthday this year with a trip to Peru, during which my wonderful daughter took me to lunch at Statera, located in the Miraflores neighborhood of Lima. The exterior is unassuming and at first sight looks like a garage door protected by heavy security but upon entry, it is easy to recognize why Statera is seen as a top, up-and-coming restaurant in Latin America.

Like Central’s claim to fame, Statera’s Chef Andre Patsias built his menu with all the regions of Peru in mind, incorporating obscure ingredients from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon jungles. One of my favorite dishes was the pulpo de cordillera, a colorful grilled octopus dish. Another stand out was the crudo del mar. On that particular day, the dish consisted of fresh scallops topped with fresh flowers and presented on dried coral.

The dining experience was also excellent, with servers diligently explaining the meal at every step of the way. We were one of only two tables that particular afternoon and felt extremely well cared for.

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