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Dancing with the Aurora - Judith Buist

One of the perks living in Vancouver is, we sometimes get to see the aurora without traveling far and just being able to see it in town (if we are lucky). Earlier this year, I went to Yellowknife in the Northwest territories, to see the aurora and also to attend a workshop for spiritual healing.  

We joined a four days three nights tour, one luggage was good enough. After about 2 hours of flight,  we landed at the airport, took the first breath of the cold crisp air, walked to the carousel to claim my luggage, hopped on the shuttle bus and headed straight to Aurora Village. The tour guide had already organized our outfits and boots at the village. In March, the temperature is usually -30 degrees Celsius, but those few days, the temperature was -6 degrees Celsius! We settled in the hut at the village to wait for the aurora. It was nice that the tour organizer prepared hot drinks and some snacks for us during the wait. 20 minutes passed by, I walked out the hut and looked up to the sky..... the first thing that came out was, "the aurora is dancing!", and quickly called everyone out. The tour guide quickly put up his tripod and camera and keep taking photos for us.

It was truly a blessing to be able to see such a beautiful natural phenomenon on the first night of the trip because the rest of the trip we did not see any aurora even waited for hours in the cold. But at least, we got to go to the ice sculpture castle to take some photos. In the day time, people can join a husky sleigh ride and snowmobile ride. There are a few famous restaurants in Yellowknife, Bullocks Bistro, Dancing Moose Cafe and Twin Pine Diner.

Make a note, September is the best month to see the aurora while the spectrum is the strongest. To see the aurora....bucket list checked. 

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